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5 FREE Resources for your IELTS Exam preparation

5 FREE Resources for your IELTS Exam preparation

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Everyone who applies for Canadian express entry program has to provide an IELTS score in their profile. Higher scores in IELTS means higher CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) level which will help to get more points for express entry profile.  In this post, I will first discuss about CLB and also share 5 FREE Resources for IELTS Exam preparation that I used for my IELTS training. 

What is Canadian Language Benchmarks ?

CLB stands for Canadian Language Benchmarks. It is the national standard in Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing the English language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

Here is that table that show International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – General Training – Test score equivalency

CLB LevelReadingWritingListeningSpeaking

Table reference:

Following table shows how many points you could claim for as per your CLB level.

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level per abilityWithout a spouse or common-law partner
Less than CLB 40
CLB 4 or 56
CLB 69
CLB 717
CLB 823
CLB 931
CLB 10 or more34

Table reference: IRCC

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IELTS Test Canada 

ILETS test Canada offers one free Academic and General Training. These tests include all 4 modules (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). Check out the links below :-

General Training



If you prefer video training. Check out the YouTube channel which is created by Liz, a very experienced and popular English teacher. She is very easy to understand and explains the topics very well. Over 1000s students have benefited from video tutorials.Liz even covers some basic topics such as how to greet the examiner in your Speaking test, top tips for exam day, how to introduce yourself etc

Each video focuses on the skills you will need to do well in different parts of the exam, so it’s really easy to figure out which videos will be most useful for you. 

E2 IELTS – YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel has great tips on writing module that really helped to get my desired score. Jay and his team includes native English speaking teachers who understand the IELTS exam inside out. Channel covers all four modules in depth and is easy to follow as well. I highly recommend checking out this channel. 

The British Council

The British Council website offers a number of online courses to help you succeed in your IELTS exam. 

There are videos from past IELTS students who scored top marks in the exam, giving practical tips on how to prepare. Also, there are online games to help you learn new vocabulary and grammar in fun ways.

IELTS-Exam.Net website has 11 free complete tests. Check out this link for more details

ILETS official books

There are a number of books available Amazon. Check out the link for ILETS – General Training


IELTS is an important step towards your Canadian immigration. Please make you practice over and over again. Hopefully, 5 FREE Resources for IELTS Exam preparation will be helpful. As always please share your feedback via comments below or by contacting us. All the very best for your IELTS exam!


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