International student recommendations

International student recommendations

As per CBIE (Canadian Bureau for International Education), over 600,000 come to Canada in 2019. For 2020, there might be an impact to due to Covid-19 but still Canada is still a popular study destination due to Canada’s top class education and it is considered as one of the safest country in the world. As per Top Universities, Canada has three universities in top 100

Canada RankGlobal RankUniversity
1  =25University of Toronto
2  =31McGill University
3  45 University of British Columbia

We would like to make few suggestions/recommendations if you have recently arrived in Canada as International student.

Apply for a SIN number

In wake of data breaches, hunt for SIN alternatives intensifies - National  |

It is a common question from an international students where they should they apply for a SIN (Social insurance number) on airport or online or Service Canada. We would recommend applying at airport if service is available. Due to COVID, Service Canada recommend applying for SIN online. SIN is of the most important document, you should apply it as soon as possible.

Please visit for details

Choosing a mobile service provider

How to pick the best Canadian phone provider | Moving2Canada

You should choose the mobile service provider wisely. Most of the service providers run promotions throughout the year. If you already have a good phone, go for BYOP (Bring Your Own Plan), which is usually more affordable. Adding an expensive phone to your plan could increase monthly cost.

Create a resume

If your studies and schedule allows, starting a part time job could help to gain some experience related to your studies or earning some extra money. If you are in Canada as international student, chances are that you are tight on money, getting a part time job can help you to stretch out your money and to help it to last longer.
Please visit to create a free resume. Checkout this post for a tip on finding a job on Indeed Canada.


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As per CBIE (Canadian Bureau for International Education), approximately 650,000 international students came to Canada in 2019. In this post,
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